Contact - Chantel Allen



Well.... I like birch trees & mountain laurel, sparkling water, pajamas, and Halloween. I love my kids and husband. I love living in Seattle. Love my job fiercely, and love anything art. My daughter says I'm creative, her friends think our home is "tumblr" and that makes me cool, and my son says I am crazy and dance weird. My house is never the same for more than a week before I paint something, rearrange something, or build something. Husband rolls eyes but really as long as I am not asking him to do it he could care less. Folk music is my favorite but nothing can get me motivated like some old school rap & hip hop. Go out or stay in? Stay in, of course. As soon as the kids are grown and traveling their chosen paths I'm determined to move into a tiny house and donate 70% of my possessions. Then I am going to chill the heck out.